Azure Functions: a guide to getting started


Working with an existing system and its architecture can be a challenge, especially when it comes to adopting newer technologies. What may originally have been an appropriate architecture, may not now easily accommodate these newer technologies. Do we tackle the problem by refactoring our system, or do we need an overhaul? More often than not, business critical features don't allow for a rewrite nor a rebuild, so we are faced with shoehorning new features into the existing project using the older framework or architecture. This is where serverless technologies, such as Azure Functions, can come to the rescue.

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Entity Framework Core Pitfalls


In this talk, we'll see some general pitfalls developers might fall into when working with Entity Framework Core and receive advice on avoiding them. From typical setups, naming conventions, patterns, database migrations, and query performance.

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[dotNed] Merlin Bieze over de Azure Message Broker!


In deze sessie richten we ons op de Azure Service Bus message broker. Wat is die message broker nu eigenlijk? En hoe kan je er in je eigen cloud architectuur voordeel mee behalen?

We nemen de uitdagingen onder de loep waar je tegen aan kunt gaan lopen als je een Service Bus in productie gaat nemen. Daarbij kijken we onder andere naar queues, topics en subscribers, FIFO op grote schaal en de alom gevreesde Dead Letter Queue (DLQ).

Dus wil je meer weten over hoe je je cloud architectuur beter en vooral: beter schaalbaar kan maken, of als je gewoon meer wilt weten over de message broker, dan mag je deze sessie niet missen!

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