Microsoft's Open Source Journey - From The Death Star to Open Source .NET Core by Scott Hanselman


In this special event, Scott Hanselman will entertain and educate us with a great session titled: Microsoft's Open Source Journey - From The Death Star to Open Source .NET Core. You don't want to miss this!

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Automating your test infrastructure with Kubernetes


Op donderdag 21 februari zijn we te gast bij eVision in Den Haag. De speker deze avond is Joe Stead die deze sessie in het engels zal geven.

As a developer, I find the most important job I have isn't writing code, it's shipping code that delivers value, and code only delivers value if it works. At a company without the most resources, we need to be clever, which is why we relied on Kubernetes to help automate our test infrastructure and increase confidence in our product.

Kubernetes is container orchestration - but that doesn't mean you need to be a docker expert to take advantage of the platform. Testing is imperative to any product, but it can be hard. Long running tests can be painful, especially when running them concurrently isn't possible because of resource constraints, with kubernetes, we can address this. Tools such as selenium grid can be difficult to orchestrate and deploy, but with kubernetes, it is significantly simplified.

Together, we'll explore how we use Kubernetes to automate our test infrastructure and have greater confidence in our product, and you will learn how you can do the same.

Deze avond wordt mogelijk gemaakt door eVision Industry Software. Uiteraard is ook deze avond, na inschrijving, geheel gratis! We beginnen zoals altijd om 19:00 maar de deuren gaan open om 18:00 voor een hapje en een drankje.

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Making serverless work for you by Rick van den Bosch


In this session, we're going to look at how we can combine several Azure Serverless services to build an end-to-end solution. We'll have a web front-end to upload files to storage, massively scaling our back-end services which use Functions and are triggered using Event Grid. And then some...

This will not be a PowerPoint session... there will be code!

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Move Up with .NET Best Practices


nteresse in best practices waar je direct je voordeel mee kunt doen in de praktijk?
Kom dan naar het event Move Up with .NET Best Practices op donderdag 28 februari 2019 in het NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein.

Wil jij weten hoe 'thinking small' software development behoorlijk verandert? Heb jij interesse in de impact van Continuous Delivery op architectuur, maar ook in de best practice als het gaat om het designen van jouw Azure Functions? Dan zien we jou graag op deze donderdagavond! Gratis toegang én eten wordt verzorgd.

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