Async, the right way!


No matter where you look: when it comes to programming for modern devices like UWP, iOS or Android, you need to be up to date with the ASYNC programming pattern. But, as fast and fluent as ASYNC can make your apps, it also introduces the risk of pitfalls, which can make your Apps unstable and introduce race conditions – which you want to avoid.
Klaus Löffelmann, a MVP from Germany, has specialized with his company ActiveDevelop on modernizing legacy monolithic applications. He shows how you ASYNC the right way. You will be seeing samples in C#/VB, the Do-s and Dont-s, learn about the difference between I/O Bound and CPU Bound tasks, and how to make your apps using resources effectively.

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Practical DevOps workshop


<br><br>Praktische DevOps workshop over Agile Software Engineering met Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure &amp; Open Source tools. Verzorgd door Microsoft en Delta-N.<br><br><a href="Meer informatie://</a>

Practical DevOps workshop


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dotNed Saturday


Na het succes van begin dit jaar organiseert de grootste Nederlandse .NET gebruikersgroep dotNed ook in 2018 weer een dotNed Saturday. Deze dag richt zich op ontwikkelaars op het Microsoft platform in de meeste brede zin van het woord.

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